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Zigiz single player games you can play for free and for real money. Claim your account today and start to try out the games has to offer for your pleasure in online games. There also also tournaments you can join into. I wish you all the best luck the galaxy has to offer you.

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Tree of Time

Single Player | Card Games

The wise owl needs help reading the clock! Stack the cards in the right order and complete the entire clock in this fun online card game. Try it for free!



Single Player | Board Games

Place all the dominoes in the field as fast as possible in this online domino game. None of the 21 dominoes in this game are the same. Your points have the same value as the number of spots on the dominoes. There are also free gold mines hidden in the field. Are you able to discover the gold?


Bubble Up

Single Player | Puzzle Games

The best action games can be found for free on Zigiz. Shoot all the shiny pearls from the sea in this fun online bubble shooter. Hit the golden pearl for a higher score, but be aware of the mines!


5 Dice

Single Player | Board Games

Toss the dice and throw 5Dice in our popular yahtzee game. Combine the points of the dice to form for instance a full house or a carré. You get the most points when all dice have the same value: score Yahtzee! Play alone or against others in the online multiplayer, try it now for free!



The extra fun and excitement you can have when you play against other players instead of the machine. Try a game in the online multiplayer section and see if you like it or not. Good luck and have fun!

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Here is a list of all the games Zigiz provides. Try them out and see whichn ones will be your favorites. Hope to see you online in a multiplayer game or a tournament game.

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